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Let us help you manage your online presence

Once optional, now a critical part of successful online marketing

Successful social media marketing campaigns require time to build up communities of people who share an interest in your products, events or services. To maintain interest and build momentum, you will need to attract new customers and to continue to engage with them through the various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Managing your social media accounts can be quite time consuming, so with help from our specialists, we can manage your profiles and help create a marketing strategy to suit your business’ needs.

£40.00 /month
£65 Setup Fee
2 social media accounts
2 posts per week (weekdays)
£125.00 /month
£65 Setup Fee
2 social media accounts
2 posts per week (weekdays)
1 post per week (weekend)
£225.00 /month
£85 Setup Fee
4 social media accounts
1 post per day (weekdays)
1 post day (weekends)
Evening and weekend monitoring

Why is there a Setup Fee?

  • Discuss your expectations to enable us to create a tailored marketing strategy
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Create and set up your social media profiles
  • Provide artwork for each of your profiles i.e. profile picture and cover photos

What We Will Do

  • Increase traffic to your website through social media
  • Spam monitoring and removal
  • Create unique content to share across your social networks
  • Monitor your accounts and maintain a positive social image for your company
  • Email or telephone you with any important queries or feedback customers may have
  • Respond to any comments and interaction on all posts
  • Drive engagement on your accounts to increase interest with your prospects
  • Community management including engagement and interaction leading to increased likes/followers
  • Provide a monthly report with key information about how your profile is performing

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Q. What is a design concept?
A. A concept design is a visual draft of your logo created using the information you provided within your design brief.

Q. Who owns the design?
A. Upon full payment of your design package, you will own all copyrights and be free to use however you wish.

Q. Are there any other costs involved?
A. No, unless you wish to change or add any elements not already advertised in your package.

Q. What is a favourite icon?
A. favourite icon (favicon), is usually a smaller version of your logo which is displayed within the address bar of your browser or home screen (mobile devices) to help identify your website and pages.

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